20-21. X. 2012 Poznań

22.10.2012 , kategoria: Bez kategorii

This year Poznan welcomed us with beautiful autumn. If you add nice company and beautiful surrounding, you can say that our trip was really great! Both girls showed beautifully and presenting them in the ring was a mere pleasure.
On the first day we were judged by Mr. Tadeusz Chwalny:
Josephine Baker Marisett – CAC
Książęca Cyrkonia z Orszaku Chrobrego – CAC, Res. CACIB


On the second day our girls showed under Mr. Chris Hancocki from Ireland:
Josephine Baker Marisett –  III
Książęca Cyrkonia z Orszaku Chrobrego –  II

We would like to thank our „doggy” friends Kinga, Monika, Ola, Zbyszek and Dave (who is the author of the best photos in the world J) for great atmosphere.