Josephine Baker

Josephine Baker Marisett

born. 17.05.2010

f: Wanseydale Orszak Price

m: Butterfly Marisett


Josie, or for us Taiga, is a recent member of my family. Although I attended her birth, I didn’t realise she would eventually become my dog, yet it happened so:) In spite of her being 2 years old, her adventure with training and dog shows is just beginning. Taiga is a quick and eager learner, though also a very creative and independent one. She is vivid and nosy, always looking up to Freya the elder sister and Mr Tiger the cat – an informal leader of my pack. Whatever Taiga does, she does it with a 200% enthusiasm, wether it’s trying to fit all 45 pounds of herself on my lap, fetching, or an attempt to steal socks from wherever they are (she shows a great passion on this field!). Training with her is not only a challenge but also a great pleasure.