Książęca Cyrkonia

Mł. Ch. Pl, Ch. Pl, Zw Kl
Książęca Cyrkonia Z Orszaku Chrobrego

born 2009-06-12

f: Wansleydayle Orszak Prince

m: Orient Orchidea Lordsett



Or simply: Freya. She is a figure of the most typical English Setter – an easy going, gentle, soft-hearted cuddler, who likes the most to spend time with her head on my lap when at home, while outdoors she turns into a speeding dot on the horizon and every muddy pond will tempt her to take a dive in. Gentle and trusty with both grown-ups and children as well as with other dogs, cats, goats and every possible creature she meets. From the beginning training her was a great pleasure for me, although it required a lot of patience – as every setter, Freya has best results when trained with positive methods, without coerce – surely it takes time, but is satisfactory and joyful for both the trainer and the trainee.The effects of  our work are  PT1 exam (obedience for accompaining dogs) taken by Freya at age of 10 months with a “very good” mark and Field Trials for Young Pointing Dogs, where she got a 1-st degree diploma and took the 2-nd place among all British breeds. We are also very proud of her show achievements – Freya is a Junior Champion and Champion of Poland and a Club Winner 2011 of Poland.
She is completely free of hip dysplasia (HD A).